Posts from February 12, 2019

Q & A with Subtle Sensor Photography

Originally this was intended to be 1 blog post. However, Daniel did such a great job there was more than enough content to create two great[…]

Subtle Sensor Case: Life as a freelance photographer

For the high-quality PDF version of this piece please click here. Hi, I’m Dan, I’m 33 years old and I run a freelance photography business called[…]

From crumbs to cake.

Graeme and Elaine have created an amazing PDF version of their story especially for this blog. Check it out if you want the aesthetic experience![…]

Case Study on GrowTraffic: How to use SEO Copywriting to Increase a Website’s SERP Ranking

Introduction to GrowTraffic   I’ve been working as an SEO Copywriter for a good while now; initially I spent several years working for the NHS[…]

Freelance design tips to help you become more a more successful & effective freelance designer

As a freelance designer with over 14 years in the commercial design industry I have fulfilled many roles and obtained lots of valuable commercial experience[…]