About Ed

Dr Ed Cottam is part of the faculty senior education leadership team and the Director of Access and Participation for Business & Law. He holds a PhD from an AACSB and EPAS accredited university and has won 11 competitive grants since 2016. Ed’s research interests include entrepreneurship, digitization, networks, and sustainability. His work was recently published in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and European Management Review

Dr Ed Cottam is the lead for a multi-award winning, international and multi-disciplinary PG Business Clinic. In this capacity he has overseen 700+ projects and generated over £3.8 million worth of consultancy work. Past clients include Nissan, Proctor and Gamble, Akzo Nobel and UNESCO. The British Academy of Management Education Practice Awards acknowledged these achievements in 2017 by giving the Business Clinic a ‘Highly Commended’ award. The Business Clinic also won a Teaching Excellence Award in 2018 and ‘Highly Commended’ awarded from the Enterprise Educators (2021). Furthermore, the Business Clinic was featured in the Chartered Association of Business Schools taskforce report ‘Business Schools and the Public Good’ (2021).  Ed has helped establish Business Clinics in London, Amsterdam and Doha. Furthermore, he co-lead a team of 8 academic and administrative staff on a 2021 REF case study investigating the impact of Business Clinic consultancy on SME clients’ productivity.